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Olive Oil

UC Davis Olive Center & Analytical Lab

Olive Oil Testing Services and Fees

    Sensory Panel Testing - $250 / sample
    Quality Pack without Sensory (UV, PV, FFA, DAGs & PPP) * - $450 / sample
    Quality Pack with Sensory (Sensory, UV, PV, FFA, DAGs & PPP) * - $595 / sample

    Chemistry Testing
            Fatty Acid Profile - $110 / sample
            DAGs * - $150 / sample
            PPP * - $150 / sample
            Sterols - $365 / sample †
            Waxes - $175 / sample †
            Stigmastadiene - $175 / sample †
            Triacylglycerols (ECN42HPLC) - $125 / sample †
            Purity Package (FAP, Sterols, Waxes, Stigmastadiene) - $895 / sample

*DAGs: Diacylglycerols; PPP: Pyropheophytins; UV: Ultraviolet Absorbance; PV: Peroxide Value; FFA: Free Fatty Acids

† Additional fees may apply


Olive Oil Sample Submission Instructions

The following instructions are for submitting olive oil samples to the UC Davis Olive Center Sensory and Chemistry Laboratory.

  • Step 1.  Complete olive oil work request form.
  • Step 2.  Mail 500 mL sample for sensory evaluation, and/or 500 mL bottle for chemistry testing. Send samples to:

            UC Davis Analytical Laboratory
            Hoagland Annex
            University of California
            One Shields Ave
            Davis, CA 95616-5270

Please carefully pack your samples with bubble wrap and packing peanuts to ensure safe delivery as glass bottles are extremely fragile. Shipping as a fragile parcel is recommended.

After Submission

  • You will receive an email confirmation once your package has arrived confirming your sample delivery.  We are unable to provide an exact testing date for your samples.
  • Once testing is completed, you will be sent a report and a billing statement by email.  A separate invoice will follow later.


    Other Information

    UC Davis Olive Oil Taste Panel FAQ


                Olive Oil Sensory Testing Method

                Olive Oil Chemistry Methods

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