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Triacylglycerols (ECN 42) in Oil by HPLC

Determination of the concentration of triacylglycerols (TAGs) with equivalent carbon number 42 (ECN42HPLC) in oil by reverse phase high performance liquid. The content of triacylglycerols with ECN 42 determined by HPLC analysis and the theoretical content of triacylglycerols with ECN 42 (calculated on the basis of GLC determination of fatty acid composition) correspond within a certain limit for genuine olive oils. A difference larger than the values adopted for each type of oil points out that the oil contains seed oils.

Reference: Determination of the Difference between Actual and Theoretical Content of Triacyglycerols with ECN 42, International Olive Council, COI/T.20/Doc. No 20 /Rev. 3, 2010.