Soluble Carbohydrates - HPLC Method


Soluble Carbohydrates - HPLC Method

Soluble Carbohydrates


This method quantitatively determines the amount of the free sugars fructose, glucose and sucrose in botanical materials. Sorbitol content can also be determined upon request. Samples are extracted by hot deionized water and analyzed by HPLC with mass selective detection. The analysis uses a Phenomenex Luna NH2 (250 mm x 4.6 mm) HPLC column at a flow rate of 2.75 mL min acetonitrile:water (78:22). The method has a detection limit of 0.2% and is reproducible within 10% (relative). 

Sample amount requested:  250 mg

Questions concerning limited sample size can be answered by the UC Davis Analytical Laboratory.

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