Nitrate And Ammonium - Diffusion-Conductivity Analyzer Method


Nitrate And Ammonium - Diffusion-Conductivity Analyzer Method

NO3-N, NH4-N


This method involves the quantitative analysis of ammonium (NH4-N) and nitrate (NO3-N) in water. Ammonium and nitrate are measured by the diffusion-conductivity method based on the gaseous diffusing of ammonia (NH3) across a gas permeable membrane in the presence of excess base (KOH) and subsequent conductivity detection. Samples can be stored for up to three weeks at low temperature (<4°C). For longer term storage, toluene or thymol should be added to the sample to prevent microbial growth. The method has detection limit of approximately 0.05 mg L-1 and is generally reproducible within 7%.

NOTE: In general, SOP 847 is followed for nitrate and ammonium testing. (SOP 845 may be used for difficult matrices.)

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